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Century Custom Homes and Garages has been owned and operated by Daniel M. Meyer for over 20 years.  We serve Elk, Clearfield, Jefferson, Cameron, and McKean counties.  All homes are custom designed and build for each individual customer.  Many of our custom homes and garages can be seen in the areas of Treasure Lake, DuBois, Reynoldsville, St. Marys, Ridgway, and Johnsonburg.

At Century Custom Homes and Garages, we believe that home building should be an exciting, creative and rewarding experience for you!!  We strive to make home dreams come true! We begin with your initial design, idea or blueprint and end with your beautiful custom-built turn key home.  We work with you during each phase of the home giving you the ability to make changes to your home as it is being built!  This sets Century Custom Homes & Garages aside from those manufactured homes that don’t allow changes once the home building process begins.  You also have access to your home during the entire building phase and can choose materials/finishing touches throughout the building process.  While other home builders add additional fees for upgrades; many upgrades are included in our home price.

Century Custom Homes & Garages uses outstanding materials that meet the expectation of you, as the homeowner. Uniform Construction Code (UCC) is followed for each home built.

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Century Custom Homes & Garages offers a wide variety of services, Industrial Commercial & Residential.

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